Decision time!

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The reality is, when it comes to phasing out old habits and creating new ones, difficult decisions will need to be made.  It may sound harsh, but there is no sugar-coating it!  Habits are a blessing and a curse.  Breaking them is not a walk in the park (more like marathon training).  This doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible, or that our attitude towards changing habits needs to be negative.

Every time you make a difficult decision (ex. say NO to whatever food choice that isn’t going to serve you), you build a little more ‘willpower’ muscle!  If you make that decision in the moment and it feels like torture, be mindful of how you feel 5, 10, 30 minutes later.  You will probably feel like doing a little dance because WOW, you did it!!!!!!  Celebrate those small successes along the way.

This process is going to continue to be a part of your life.  There probably won’t come a time when you have it all figured out.  Life’s ups and downs are going to have a way of creating new challenges.  There is an art to being gentle with yourself, but also firm when the time is right.

Plan on making a habit of exercising that ‘willpower’ muscle…. because you are powerful!  I KNOW you can do it!

Just Say No (thank you)!

Jake said NO to cantaloupe recently.  He was NOT having it!  Was I offended?IMG_20170421_122205

When you aim to eat ‘healthy’, inevitably you will run into social situations that make it challenging.  This is just one part of the puzzle- navigating eating out, family gatherings, travel, etc.  I have heard from many people that they feel set back by weekends/events that include those very things.

I know that when I eat certain foods, I don’t feel my best.  When I was a vegan (not vegan anymore FYI), it was easy to avoid all non-vegan food items because I had a firm reason to do so.  For a few years of my vegan journey, I was raw, which took it to a completely different level.  At this point I have found balance with my nutrition (another story), but there are foods I avoid completely to feel my best.  Not everyone understands this, nor have I tried to explain it to those who either aren’t interested or simply don’t ‘get it’.

So how do you deal with these social situations when you are really trying to eat a certain way?  What if you go to a friend/families house and they made something for you!?!?!?  I have found that saying “No, but thank you so so so much” is perfectly acceptable.  You can explain your reasons, or just make an excuse like: you aren’t hungry!  Of course, doing this without making the other person feel bad is the delicate part.  If someone is so offended that you don’t eat their offerings, they will get over it.  You will find other ways to connect and enjoy each other.  If it really becomes a huge issue, then there are bigger things going on, right?

It is safe to say that in our society, food is often a major focus.  Going slightly off the grid of what is expected may cause some ripples in your world.  You may face some uncomfortable situations….but the thing is:  YOU ARE WORTH IT!  You get to decide what is best for you!  Sometimes you will choose to indulge, and that is just fine!  In my opinion, it should be your choice, not something you feel pressured into.

So exercise your “No” muscle!!!  It gets easier, less awkward.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal on your end.  If you enter these situations with confidence, most people won’t blink an eye.

21 Day Fix Eating Plan Review


In June 2016, I set out to lose the extra 20 pounds I was holding onto after having my baby 7 months prior.  I decided to do 21 Day Fix, and lost the weight over a period of 2-3 months with 21 Day Fix and a focus on clean eating.  I tracked my nutrition using

Fast forward to April 2017, 4 months after we decided to move to Phoenix from Pittsburgh.  Those 4 months of packing, selling/buying our homes, unpacking, and general craziness led to me losing my momentum with fitness and gaining ~4 lbs.

I had never committed to the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan in the past, but I wanted to try it.  I planned to stay faithful for 21 days.  I lasted 10.


  1. It reset my portions in a MAJOR way.  I felt like I was eating half of what I had been before, but more well rounded in terms of nutrition.
  2. I felt less bloated, because I was no longer eating more than I really needed.
  3. It was easy!  I like simple, so I didn’t mess with recipes, but just focused on whole foods.
  4. I lost 2 lbs pretty quickly in the first few days.


  1.  I was really really REALLY hungry all day long!!!  Not enough food!!!!
  2. I felt container’ed in, a little less free than I wanted to be.
  3. I was feeling dizzy, cranky, and lethargic despite going up a calorie bracket.
  4. I had gotten away from honoring my body’s signals and was eating less intuitively.

I decided to take what I learned from the containers and go back to really tuning into my own body.  Instead of cracking open a bag of salted pumpkin seeds and mindlessly chewing away, I get out my orange container and savor the small portion.

I am now using the containers as tools instead of trying to fit myself into them 100%.  I think it is so important for us to listen to our bodies, even if it means slower scale movement.  That is how to stay faithful to health in the long term.

What tools do you use in your healthy journey?