Easy Tip to Save $$$ on Food!


Food is expensive!!!!  When I go grocery shopping, I find myself buying things I don’t really ‘need’.  An extra bottle of salad dressing, when I still have two at home in the fridge.  Fruit galore when I have a bowl of fruit already waiting to be eaten at home.  Frozen items when I am not even sure what the heck is in the depths of my freezer!!

Food starts to clutter up the kitchen, sitting unused and eventually going bad.  To some degree this is unavoidable, as we never really know how much food to buy (at least I don’t).

However, I have started making a conscious effort to ‘use up’ what I have before buying shiny new things.  Finish the bottles of salad dressing.  Make a note of how much fruit I have before I go on that next grocery store… you get the picture.

Not only will this help keep your kitchen food-clutter free, but think of how much $$$ you will save in the long term by really using up the food you buy.

Now that I have gotten into this habit, I no longer stock up on unnecessary additional pantry items.  I try to buy what I know I will use in the short term.  Longer lasting pantry items (like spices, etc) are a little more challenging, but the same method can still apply.  It just takes a little awareness, minimal time, and saves you from wasting food and dollars!

Are you a food hoarder or a food minimalist?  Likely most of us are somewhere in-between, but I challenge you to try to find a way to improve your current method!  Let me know your ways of handling the food craziness!!!