Just Say No (thank you)!

Jake said NO to cantaloupe recently.  He was NOT having it!  Was I offended?IMG_20170421_122205

When you aim to eat ‘healthy’, inevitably you will run into social situations that make it challenging.  This is just one part of the puzzle- navigating eating out, family gatherings, travel, etc.  I have heard from many people that they feel set back by weekends/events that include those very things.

I know that when I eat certain foods, I don’t feel my best.  When I was a vegan (not vegan anymore FYI), it was easy to avoid all non-vegan food items because I had a firm reason to do so.  For a few years of my vegan journey, I was raw, which took it to a completely different level.  At this point I have found balance with my nutrition (another story), but there are foods I avoid completely to feel my best.  Not everyone understands this, nor have I tried to explain it to those who either aren’t interested or simply don’t ‘get it’.

So how do you deal with these social situations when you are really trying to eat a certain way?  What if you go to a friend/families house and they made something for you!?!?!?  I have found that saying “No, but thank you so so so much” is perfectly acceptable.  You can explain your reasons, or just make an excuse like: you aren’t hungry!  Of course, doing this without making the other person feel bad is the delicate part.  If someone is so offended that you don’t eat their offerings, they will get over it.  You will find other ways to connect and enjoy each other.  If it really becomes a huge issue, then there are bigger things going on, right?

It is safe to say that in our society, food is often a major focus.  Going slightly off the grid of what is expected may cause some ripples in your world.  You may face some uncomfortable situations….but the thing is:  YOU ARE WORTH IT!  You get to decide what is best for you!  Sometimes you will choose to indulge, and that is just fine!  In my opinion, it should be your choice, not something you feel pressured into.

So exercise your “No” muscle!!!  It gets easier, less awkward.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal on your end.  If you enter these situations with confidence, most people won’t blink an eye.