21 Day Fix Eating Plan Review


In June 2016, I set out to lose the extra 20 pounds I was holding onto after having my baby 7 months prior.  I decided to do 21 Day Fix, and lost the weight over a period of 2-3 months with 21 Day Fix and a focus on clean eating.  I tracked my nutrition using Cronometer.com

Fast forward to April 2017, 4 months after we decided to move to Phoenix from Pittsburgh.  Those 4 months of packing, selling/buying our homes, unpacking, and general craziness led to me losing my momentum with fitness and gaining ~4 lbs.

I had never committed to the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan in the past, but I wanted to try it.  I planned to stay faithful for 21 days.  I lasted 10.


  1. It reset my portions in a MAJOR way.  I felt like I was eating half of what I had been before, but more well rounded in terms of nutrition.
  2. I felt less bloated, because I was no longer eating more than I really needed.
  3. It was easy!  I like simple, so I didn’t mess with recipes, but just focused on whole foods.
  4. I lost 2 lbs pretty quickly in the first few days.


  1.  I was really really REALLY hungry all day long!!!  Not enough food!!!!
  2. I felt container’ed in, a little less free than I wanted to be.
  3. I was feeling dizzy, cranky, and lethargic despite going up a calorie bracket.
  4. I had gotten away from honoring my body’s signals and was eating less intuitively.

I decided to take what I learned from the containers and go back to really tuning into my own body.  Instead of cracking open a bag of salted pumpkin seeds and mindlessly chewing away, I get out my orange container and savor the small portion.

I am now using the containers as tools instead of trying to fit myself into them 100%.  I think it is so important for us to listen to our bodies, even if it means slower scale movement.  That is how to stay faithful to health in the long term.

What tools do you use in your healthy journey?