My First Facebook Profile Picture

I just saw this goofy facebook status that said to compare your first ever FB profile pic with your most recent pic!

Here we go…


That was me in 2007!  Above is me today!  The thing that strikes me most when I look at old photos of myself is how less open my eyes were.  I became VERY interested in my health sometime around 2009.  Over time, my eyes became much more open and bright.

It’s like my eyes opened to how good I never knew I could feel.  I was never terribly unhealthy, but once I started eating better and focusing on my health, I was stunned at how much different I felt.

Fast forward to 2017, I am still learning, still experimenting.  Generally, I know what works (for me).  I still aim to refine my routines and improve as much as possible.  I see it as a lifelong journey.

Here’s to the next 10 years of health!!



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